One thing that I am working on to eventually add to clients, both newborn and family, who are at my All of ‘Em tier of packages, is a video fusion slideshow – where I take my favorite images from your session, add some video, a licensed soundtrack, and put them all together for you into a video hopefully you can pass along forever.  Trust me, when they are 12 and smelling like either sweaty locker room or AXE body spray, you will stumble back onto this slideshow and you will fall over in gooey sappy happy feelings remembering when they were so little.

Meet Juniper! was one of the first video shoots I’d ever done, so I have to admit that the camera was a tiny bit wobbly and kind of messed with my perfectionist soul.  I have added a tripod to my equipment load, and am giving myself a intense personal course in both capturing and editing videography, and am pretty sure we are on the way to a product that I think is absolute time travel magic.  Look for me to post some more videos – and when I’m consistently happy with the results I will let you know that it’s a guarantee!

If you are interested in giving me some practice – especially if you are pregnant and up for a “First Meeting of Sibling” hospital visit – please let me know – I may be able to give you a discounted session rate!

Watch and enjoy!

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