When people ask me to describe what a documentary photography session will be like, I tell them this: it’s me, just following around your family as you do the things you love, together. This South Jersey family took me up on that proposition and embraced the spirit of it wholeheartedly.

We started the morning with chocolate chip pancakes on the back porch (which is kind a fabulous way to kick off any Saturday morning!), followed by lots of running, chasing, and playing in the back yard. Then we headed into Collingswood- the super hip, friendly, small town that I’m happy to call home myself. (Before we moved here, we were told that it’s where Philadelphia hipsters go to retire!) I loved following this family as they visited their favorite spots together. Who doesn’t love sharing a sweet treat at The Pop Shop, or swinging and climbing at the Knight Park playground?

After our session, Dad mentioned that he had been worried about having a photographer tagging along with their family, but that he realized it was genuinely “not that bad” at all. I am always so happy when I’ve managed to win over a reluctant photo subject- whether it is a dad concerned about being annoyed, a mom worried about how she will look, or a toddler who refused a morning nap and is really not interested in meeting a stranger with a camera and a goofy smile. A family photo session doesn’t have to be a production- it can be a simple, authentic, and fun experience for everyone.

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