Okay, people- this is one of those out of the box newborn sessions that I hope will inspire you to think about your own family and what kind of images could reflect you and your family’s personality. A photography session with me is not just a plug-and-play routine; I really love to brainstorm how I can customize to make sure your images reflect a real picture of your unique family.

This couple approached me and asked to do something that was actually outside my personal box. As those of you who follow me know, I’m really a documentary photographer whose passion is to capture everyday, real beauty. In a literal sense, this session asked me to do the exact opposite. They wanted to stage a newborn session in which they appeared to have a leisurely breakfast of pancakes, blackberries, and Perrier, doting wife giving her husband a shoulder rub while he read his New Yorker. This was followed by a scene in which they dressed to the nines for a night on the town, while relaxing with their one-week-old!

You know what though? Even though these shots were staged and non-“authentic” documentation? They were totally capturing who this couple is– a ridiculously fun, creative pair, who are treating the realities of parenting with a tongue-in-cheek humor that kept me laughing the whole time.

And yes- we also got the deliciously real snuggles and sweet I’m-in-a-new-kind-of-love moments that weren’t staged. We snuck some grandmother time in. (Grandparents totally make me all melty. Every. Time.) And all the images collectively tell the story of something really genuinely beautiful.

How about you? Who are you? What is your love story? Before your session, I schedule a pre-session consult to make sure your session is customized to reflect something more than a cookie cutter “smile and say cheese”. How can I help tell the true story of you?




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