Are you interested in a family documentary session but just not sure about when or what you could really capture that would tell the whole story? Your life is so full of different types of fun moments, and you’d love to capture more than just one day?

This lovely, South Jersey family has booked a family yearbook series with me – they get a handful of 30 minute mini-sessions with me through the year, to tell the story of their lives. Yearbook sessions started to take place in my mind after seeing families of newborns love the Watch Me Grow package concept (three sessions during baby’s first year!), and realizing that I wanted to offer this same concept not just to my family with babies. Don’t you love the idea of getting small slivers of your family life through the year?

Now if I were in your shoes, I would be kind of wondering – how much of a family can she really capture in just 30 minutes? Well, if you trust me – if you let go of the idea of “picture perfect smile and say cheese. . . ” If you embrace the idea that the most beautiful moments to capture are real and not posed?  See for yourself!

I got a walk to the park with swings – their favorite together thing to do! Then big brother ran to the big castle to send cars down the slide – little sister likes the little castle, where she gets some standing practice with mom (a quick nursing session in the middle because the middle of the playground is the perfect time for a toddler snack). We see some shoe-tying, an impromptu dance sesh, and lots of hugs, kisses, snuggles.  And there is love. My favorite thing in the world – to look at what I’ve captured and know that I’ve captured just a sliver of love.

Kind of just makes you want to squeeze someone you love too, right?

Let me know when you’re ready to capture some squeezes of your own!  I really just love love love capturing these moments for people.

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