So this wasn’t a full photoshoot or anything – just had my camera along as I hung out with a good friend.  I wanted to share some of the snaps though, because to me they illustrate why I love to take photos throughout the first year of a baby’s life.

Look how the difference between one week and six months:

Incredible, right?  That was six months worth of diaper changing, feeding, and sleep deprived nights.  Six months of cuddles and so many firsts – first coos, first smiles, first chortles of laughter.  And yes, there are build-ups of laundry (I’m sorry Erin – I just had to post the stacks of laundry and your diaper changing table) – and the background is big brother’s room with a red race car and not a dedicated-to-her nursery – but that’s a reflection of life lived! Of a six-month-old who is pulling to standing (what!?!) and loves to hang out at her just-right-height brother’s race car bed.

Every baby is different, and they are change so fast in front of us, in that it-sounds-so-trite-but-it’s-true – you blink and they’ve grown so much!  If you are interested in a year’s worth of your baby’s (or family’s) life, contact me for details about how we can make it happen.

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