Are you looking for a photographer for family or newborn photos, but just are not convinced that you have the kind of home that is worthy of being photographed? As a photographer, I look for ways to show you that your life is beautiful, wherever you live. This couple are young graduate students who have given me some major flashbacks to my own life twelve years ago.  They live in a normal apartment complex, in a suburb of Philadelphia, and you know what I saw with my photographer eyes in their place?

I saw clues to their passions around them – books and stacks of books, Corinnes’s artwork and painting space – a window lit corner of their living space, a proudly hung Texan flag.

I see a grandma that smiles at the cries, not because she is callous, but because she knows and understands – you sweet little one are learning to be, and that is hard, but we will hold you and make things better.

I see mom and dad and their I can’t-take-my-eyes-off-her gazes.  The adoring magic of two people who can’t believe they now have one small bundle of amazing who will grow up and some day be a lanky teenager.

Do you see those things?

I could add that this couple also gives me some CRAZY realizations – that when I first met this mom, she was a lanky teenager – and her mother was the mom of four who managed her household and welcomed my family to it.  She highlights another one of those truths – that time passes QUICKLY!  I know you mom of toddlers and below hear it all the time and don’t quite believe it. . . . the sleep deprivation haze and endless diaper genie loads cloud you from believing it – but these sweet days will pass, and you will miss them. Preserve the memories, because time does slip away!






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