There’s something so very sweet about a mama or daddy feeding his or her little one. Life slows down little into a quiet moment of reflection. It’s one of the memories I have of my children that I can’t imagine ever forgetting. There’s just a connection you feel at that moment when your baby is crying with the entirety of her being and you are the only one who can comfort that deep wail.  There’s a sacred still moment when your I-can’t-stop-for-anything toddler finally does stop, settles and nurses and gazes you, plays with your hair or your blouse.

I’d love to capture these moments for you (so you can look at it when your baby is a gangly teenager who is complaining you don’t make pizza often enough.) I did breastfeed all my little ones and have a desire to promote the normalization of open breastfeeding as a choice, but I have friends who have chosen for various reasons to bottle feed, and I know that quiet gaze of connection between parent and child is just as beautiful.