Before you hit play on the video below (and yes, in a sec I’m going to explain here why you really really should hit play) – take a look at the photo I’ve chosen as it’s cover.  It’s one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken, and I feel really thankful to have had the chance to take it.  Every single person in this brand new family of five is in relationship to someone else in the frame, in a beautiful, joyful, I can’t believe this is happening moment.  He’s here.  Little brother is here, and we are now complete!  He is snuggled to mom, cozy and listening for the first time to the chatter and exuberance that will be his new everyday.  Mom is looking at her oldest and thinking about how big he is, and how he was once so little.  Mr. Middle Child and dad are just reveling in the fun and newness and excitement that they are getting to share together.  It’s not posed – it was documented – and exactly the kind of documented moment my artist brain is constantly looking to capture.

This video was one that actually brings me to tears.  Good tears.  The kind of tears that make me go hug my oldest son, and my mom, and yeah, basically each person in my family who is a treasure, and who every day gets a little bit more beautifully older.

Watch in this video – watch oldest brother’s shy smile as he walks into the room.  Hear Mr. Middle complain that it’s his turn to hold, and hear patient mom and dad counsel him.  Watch two grandmothers walk in and complete the picture of how family extends upon itself – there is *nothing* like a grandmother holding a newborn.

Do you have a little one on the way, and big siblings waiting to meet him or her?  Contact me and ask about how these meet the sibling sessions work!  I’d love to make it happen for you.


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