This mom came to me knowing that her nursing days were probably coming to a close, and she wanted to capture the moment.  She was also prepping her house to be on the market (the first house that she and her her husband bought!  Where they brought home their first baby!).  As I processed her photos, and thought about these momentous moments – first houses being on the market, end of the season of breastfeeding your firstborn – Whoosh – waves of nostalgia for me.  Also – a reaffirmation about my passion for what I call “Nourish” sessions – there is just something magical when someone lets me into this private, quiet moment and lets me capture it for them.  And it’s fleeting!  It really needs to be captured before it’s just a memory.

My memory is really fuzzy about the apartment that we brought my firstborn home to – twelve years ago – it was a second floor, one bedroom, in a Victorian Twin in West Philly.  What I do remember, I remember because of the few fuzzy cell phone pics I or my husband shot – our trash-picked arm chair, our hand-me-down Ikea couch, the rabbit earred TV that we hid in our closet.  But I believe passionately that even these first homes, these first moments – however small or non-pinteresty – ought to be documented, and when you hire me, that’s what I’m passionate about capturing for you.  Because the very nature of their existence:  it’s your home.  Your first nest.  Your first child.  It’s the fleeting moment of a season of nursing, of cuddling (did you know that your twelve year old will generally not want to cuddle with you for hours a day?  Even if you happen to have a relatively cuddly one, which I do not?).

Rhythms of a day to remember:  Sweet Juniper wakes up from a nap, and cuddles and nurses with mom before busily going about the rest of her day.  Diaper changes, book reading, cuddles with mama – that’s it!  And that’s beautiful.

If you’re a parent who needs to see the beauty in your everyday life – please contact me!



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