I’m happy to announce a partnership with new local dance studio – Monarch School of Dance – located in the gorgeous Perkins Center for the Arts, Collingswood, New Jersey – it’s a happy hop (my girls skip happily and chatter about their dance moves) from my home and perfect for my daughters in so many ways. I seriously love that it’s in the center of town, in a beautiful, sunlit space with lofty ceilings and gorgeous hardwood floors. Even more happy now that I’ve had some peeks at several instructors – I feel like we are in such good hands. The instructors have all seemed so good at giving instruction that is cheerfully age appropriate, and yet also solid, challenging dance instruction. They really hit everything I’ve been looking for in dance classes!

I love photographing dancing. Visually, there are all sorts of new of shapes, forms, and expressions to consider.  I especially love that there is something innately beautiful in children who want to take dance, to want to grow in learning how to express themselves through movement.  It’s a really authentic human form of communicating, and falls straight in line with the type of moment I’m always pursuing as a lifestyle documentary photographer.

Below, you’ll see a little peek at the Pre-Ballet and Creative Movements classes.  Keep posted for more!


  1. These are beautiful, Emily! Everything you said and captured here is consistent with my experience at Monarch as well!

    1. Thanks, Steph! It was fun dancing with you this year – we’ll have to see which classes fit with our girls next year!

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