Maternity Session Inspiration

Preparing for life with a new member of the family can be a whirlwind, with all of the changes, cravings, and adorable baby items. Document your life before baby, along with all of your preparations, with a maternity photography. Here are some ideas for special details you might want to capture:

Pregnancy Test Reveal

You do risk the disappointment of a negative test. But can you imagine the reaction if it’s positive?! That emotion is definitely something worth reliving later in baby’s life.

Announcing the Pregnancy

Priceless reactions guaranteed from your partner, or family and friends.

Shopping for Maternity Clothing

That moment when a new mom goes to the store and gets to use that little pillow. Your baby belly may not have arrived yet, but you can’t wait to shop. Pure joy! What’s in style will be fun to look back at in the future, too.

Trip to the OB

Reading a magazine in the waiting room, the solitude of waiting in the patient room, mama’s beaming face when the doctor finds the heartbeat or baby pops up on the screen during the ultrasound.


Setting up nursery items and decorating are all a part of your baby story. Think of washing and folding sweet baby clothes, or cleaning all of the baby’s bottles before their arrival. What about making freezer meals in advance? And don’t forget packing the hospital bag and its contents.

The Baby Shower

Simply the best opportunity to showcase all of the love from family and friends who are eagerly awaiting your baby’s arrival.

Pregnant Life

What is mama’s favorite way to lounge and relax before baby? Reading parenting books on the couch? Snuggling that maternity pillow? Laying on the bed and watching baby kick? Food cravings, pampering, attending classes… the possibilities are endless!

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