I’m a mom of four – they span in age from four to eleven.  Do you know the photos I cherish most of them?  Here’s a hint – they aren’t the times that I made them dress up and forced them to SAY CHEEZE for the camera. . . .

– It’s when I was able to capture the muddy grins after playing in their grandparents’ stream.

– The big smiles and silly faces dancing and jumping on the couch in mismatched dress-up clothes.

– Daddy cuddles after a tearful knee scraping.

– The quiet moments of looking out a window, in contemplation.

– The beautiful, everyday “remember when they loved doing that?” moments.

My passion is to find and preserve the radiance of your everyday, to show you that your ordinary everyday – yes, your messy, tearful, cluttered, mismatched everyday – is beautiful.  I’d be honored to capture your story.

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