Do you know how sometimes, your everyday routine can just get so tedious, so tiresome, that your body and mind are just screaming for a break? Spring break just couldn’t come soon enough for me! We were thankful to be able to hitch onto our grandparent’s farm, and to invite friends to spend some of the time with us. That meant tire swinging, stream explorations, stick wars, reading and quiet times, campfires, and shirtless-tractor-tire-king-of-the-mountain. It gave me both a break from routine, and some extra time to spend with the kids in a fresh setting. A new setting jumpstarts my photography brain too, which was getting into it’s own winter rut. I loved having an extended time to look for the emotions of childhood: the joys, the silliness, competition, the sadnesses.

A family lifestyle session to me always is like this. I’m following you around in a habitat you love, with people you love, looking for moments that authentically will show the emotional spectrum of childhood. Whether it is your own home, your family’s farm, a park, the beach – I’m looking for the same capture. *Very* occasionally, I’ll say, hey, smile for me! More often, I just want to come alongside as you do something together. If you are engaged in what you are doing and loving who you are with, that is inspiration in itself. If you have a place like this that you love, or want to share a session with friends – let me know.


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