It’s about to hit – the season of flowers and chocolates and super gushy sweet love notes. 

There’s part of me that still loves that. . . . but when I stop to reflect, love has become something much more.

When you share a life with someone, life is a little messy.  But it’s still beautiful.

Love is a spouse who will massage pregnant achy muscles, without a massage in return.

Love is the wonder of gazing at a little, longed for newborn, who knows nothing and is yet everything.

Love is taking turns getting up to calm that teething baby or nightmaring toddler.

It’s deciding to laugh when the toddler puts a bowl of spaghetti on her head.

Love is going to work bleary eyed, but coming home early for a big running hug from a 5-year-old sweetheart.  Or it’s staying home with a little person who will somehow both drive you nuts and heart melt you like nothing else.  

Love is smashed cheerios on the couch and sand from the beach in the car.  

It’s Barbie shoes at the bottom of your purse, it’s band-aids as fashion statements, it’s peas thrown from the high chair, it’s muddy, muddy shoes in the mudroom.

Love is date night at home, with Chinese take-out and Netflix binging.

Love is a knowing gaze when your son giggles – the gaze of knowing that you can together joy at your kid being joyful.  

It’s sharing a beer or a glass of wine.  Sitting on the stools in the kitchen together while one kid whines for a snack even though he just ate dinner and the other kid zooms Hot Wheels by your feet. Sharing more of those gazes.

Those gazes are love. When you don’t even have to explain how you feel, because you’ve both shared it. You both know.  

Life isn’t how it was before – it’s messier, it’s sleepier, but it’s also amazingly beautiful.

Your every day is beautiful.  A beautiful love story.

This Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to celebrate your beautiful ordinary love with a family story session.

For $200, you’ll receive a 2-hour story session to gift your sweetheart, which can be claimed any time through June 2018. You’ll also get an 8×12 fine art piece, professionally mounted and ready for framing (artist’s choice).

Afterwards, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase what you love from our menu of prints, products and collections – a witness to your family’s gorgeous story to brighten your every single day. (Contact us for a copy of our session guide with all the details!) Your $200 session fee will be applied to your purchase of any prints or digital collections.

Also – purchase your session before February 6th and we’ll send you a pretty voucher in time to present your loved one on Valentine’s Day. 

This voucher can be used to book a family session, an in-home newborn session, or a fresh 48 session. The session can either be in your home or at a location of your choice in the Philadelphia or South Jersey area. Sessions are for immediate family only and must be purchased before Valentine’s Day (2/14/18) to take advantage of this promotion.

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