Documentary, storytelling photography is my passion. There is a place for the classic portrait shot, but I also know that there are plenty of photographers who are already doing a great job of providing that. Here is what I am in love with photographically: looking for the genuine story of your family.

I’ve selected six photos below – they tell the story of a happy, mischievous and always moving two-year-old, and a more serious, contemplative big sister who is sometimes not so happy with her role. Do you see it?  The story told through these images?  These six photos tell the story of a regular Sunday afternoon, a window into their lives.

Below you’ll find a bigger picture of their family, more photos to fill in more details.  I do believe that posed portrait photography can be awesome, beautiful, inspiring – but me?  I’m committed to spending time with you and showing you that everyday kind of beautiful that comes when you are just living life as it is.

Some ideas of everyday things I could come along and shoot?

  • Good Mornings – complete with pajamas and teeth brushing (I am so in love with footed pjs, and I think we’ve almost outgrown them!)
  • Good Nights – record your bath and bedtime rituals (More footed pjs – but also sweet, cuddly in-the-dark reading snuggles.)
  • Preparing a favorite snack or meal – then eating it!  (Pizza making in my house gets quite elaborate.)
  • Dress-up and other favorite games (Letting the kids dress themselves can be quite a hoot.)
  • A trip to a park or some other nearby place you like to haunt

This energetic family did a little bit of everything – baked cookies, showed me around the house, played jumping games, and had some quiet moments reading (interrupted by little brother).  Dad led the family in a jam session (where big sister fought with little brother over the harmonica).  Finally ending in a bike ride – they were off to conquer the neighborhood.  Happy afternoon!

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