So rain was in the forecast (and indeed, the evening would bring about the Middle of the Night Tornado warning of 2019), but after just a few minutes of umbrellas, the rain decided to pause a little and this family got to enjoy a stroll in the Philadelphia Museum of Art sculpture garden. Cherry blossoms, of course, are a highlight of spring – and 3-year-old Miss N loved giving showers of blossoms to her mama, followed by brushing her mama’s hair with a improvised Stick Brush.

I always love moments like standing under an umbrella, hand holding, smelling flowers, and family hug sessions under cherry blossom trees!

The end of the session was totally a classic. We had promised ice cream, and Miss N was super focused on a strawberry cone. When an accidental trip over her own dog’s leash resulted in tears and a scraped elbow, Mama’s hug followed by Dad’s purchase of an ice cream cone brought a giant smile. . . only to become a curious question as she tipped her cone sideways, ice cream falling, dog licking, and Miss N dissolving into a second face of tragedy, as little brother looked on. More ice cream was shared though – and a second bout of sweet happiness.

I know some families look at photos of their toddlers screaming mad and think they will never miss those moments. But as a mom of older kids, I can promise you that you’ll want to remember these times, too!


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