As I am busy with processing and photoshoots for other people, in the background I worry that I will lose the passion of my first photography love – taking photos of my own kids!  I’m committing this spring to make sure that doesn’t happen.  I will take pictures of my own freakin’ kids gosh darn it! And hopefully you’ll enjoy the window into our world.

Recently we spent a random off day of school with a free library pass to the Academy of Natural Sciences in downtown Philly.  Grabbed a couple of our favorite friends.  On the way from the museum to the car – walked by this empty fountain and just had to stop and play for a little.

I had at some point showed my boys photos from this Japanese blogger:  Yowa Yowa Camera Woman. Ever since, they have been obsessed with having me take photos of them jumping off of things.  The taller the better.  They aren’t quite as zen as Ms Yowa Yowa, but I think you’ll agree they are still pretty darn fun.  The kid with the most enthusiasm is my ninja son Micah – he has been climbing and launching himself off objects since he was about 9 months old, and I’ve grown to love it.  (Yes, it took a few years for me to grow to love it . . . )  He’s also a joker:  the frog eating his hand?  Totally his idea and also so on point with his sense of humor.  I love to get to know the personalities of my clients and find ways to match my photos to their quirks!

But as fun as the jumping is, my favorite shot?  My oldest carrying my youngest.  Mama heart totally melts.



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