So here is another everyday beautiful gallery of photos – meaning not quite full official session – just me visiting with a new friend and deciding to bring my camera along because my new friend has a ten-day-old newborn and honestly, I just can’t not take new baby photos, I love newborns so much.  I was getting some major flashbacks, because this baby is number four for this family – and since I have four, I remember very vividly the days when my own number four came home.

Even if it’s not quite your fourth child – I’ve seen it over and over again – as soon as you hold your newborn in your arms – the former youngest child transformed into a giant.  An instant transformation, and it gives a moment of pause, of reflection and incredulous – WOW – to see how your former baby is now suddenly a little person, and the true baby is truly helpless, tiny, and in your arms.

During the moments below, I was photographing mom and baby alone, and Little Miss Third Child walked in – instantly gravitating towards her new baby doll.

Look at her here.  She is counting fingers.  She knows how to count fingers!  Just a month ago, she was your baby, and she was the one who merited the most cuddles, the most attention over scraped knees.  And now – when she climbs on your lap and you give her a squeeze, while you hold your ten day old in your other arm – you realize that time goes by so quickly.  That your baby will turn into a little person, just in a blink and a flash, and that your little person will turn into a big person who will get her own band-aids and milk from the fridge, and want to dress herself and pick out her own bathing suit at Target.

And yes, I get this nostalgic every time I visit with a mom and a new baby.  I fall in love with motherhood – its fleeting, beautifully flooding emotions.

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