One of the things that I love about the small community I live in, Collingswood, NJ – is that I’ve met a myriad of people who embrace their passions and proactively work to make our community better.  Totally inspirational place to live.  Two of those people, are Robb Sewell and Eric Wolff.  This article in NJ Pen highlights it in more detail, but basically, Rob and Eric saw a need in our community, and then created a project to help raise money to make sure that need continued to be met.   Love it!   You see a need in your community – you not only work to help it in your own individual way (adopting a pet), but you actively work to build community efforts in joining forces for a cause (creating a pet photography calendar to help raise money for a shelter you know specifically needs more community support.).

Anyone who knows my family knows that we are not really pet people (Have you seen my laundry room?  I can barely take care of my four children, people – can’t even conceive of having to care for animals in addition!), but I still was so happy to take photos for some people who are totally in love with their shelter/rescue animals.   I am inspired by some of the stories represented in these photos – people whose compassion for animals translates into their adopting them into their families.  One of these families rescued an entire litter (possibly two?) of kittens from strays, providing human contact and medical care until the kittens were ready to be adopted.   (One of those sweets is Matey, the first kitten you’ll see featured below).

My reflections upon shooting these pets.  Firstly, pets are even less compliant than toddlers!  Who knew!  And yes, I love the non-compliant whims of both pets and dictatorial and emotional toddler.  I love to follow the lead of the subject who just wants to play, to chew, to explore – so that’s both pet photography and my normal jam.  But bottom line reflection – I really just love taking photos of the things people love.  What are you passionate about?  How can I join you in celebrating your life and the specific things you love?  I’d love to chat about joining you in preserving that moment.

And . . . Here are some outtakes from my shoots!

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