Why the name "june day"?

June is the birth month of my youngest daughter, my sister, and my mother.  It’s the month of my anniversary.  It’s when spring ends and summer vacation begins, and our family gets to ditch our busy, every-day-packed school year schedule for time just to hang out together. Our name reflects what I love about photography and what I want to bring to you. Family. Togetherness. Everyday celebrations, occasional milestones. All the things that we want to capture for you!

Who's behind June Day Photography?

Primary Photographer: Emily Angehr

Former teacher who suddenly blinked and has four children (plus a patient husband). I have a Masters of Education and a smattering of Studio Art and Art History courses, which have shaped my journey as photographer. It’s a love of children, art, and preserving culture and history that drives my vision for photography. I’ve spent fifteen years looking for beautiful moments in my own family’s growth. Now that I have a high schooler who grunts when I ask him how his day was – he was once my sweet baby boy whom I would cuddle and gaze at for hours at a time – I look at him and wonder if the next fifteen years will pass as quickly as the first.

My youngest, who is four, speaks with a sing-song voice to her fairy doll “Glissa.” She often sports ketchup face and mis-matched socks. I look at her and can easily imagine sixteen! I know these moments are fleeting, and I am passionate about freeze-framing a moment and giving it to you. For you to cherish and remember.

Partnering with Emily is Denise Riley.

Denise is also a mom to four.  Fueled by Diet Coke, Denise runs the less visible background magic at June Day Photography.

A handful of years ago, we found ourselves car-pooling up to the Pocono Mountains together.  The others who were supposed to join us dropped out at the last minute, and it was an open question as to how awkward the car ride would be, since both of us barely knew each other.  Almost instantaneously, we found ourselves able to talk about everything from the guilty joys of watching trashy reality tv to more deeply felt struggles with parenting and other relationships. Possibly because we were too good at conversation (or possibly because we both sucked at navigating), our two hour trip ended up taking five hours, but those five hours were the beginnings for a true friendship. This friendship has given birth to June Day Photography, where we hope to capture the relationships you hold most dear.