Your Lifestyle Photography Session

So what can you expect from a lifestyle session?

You contact me, and we discuss your vision for the shoot.  We’ll brainstorm together things that your family likes to do together.

Day of your shoot, I grab some coffee, and head over to meet your family.   A session will be relaxed and casual – again, not super posed and stressful.  I’ll probably spend a little time getting to know your kids, scouting out your home for good photo spots, and then I’ll start shooting.  Some pointers for you?  Wear clothes that make you comfortable.  Kids can even start out in pajamas and then get dressed (and maybe re-dressed, if they are like my kids).  Don’t worry if your kid is grumpy/sleepy/fussy/not-smiley – that is all part of showing the realness of you!  Decluttering your house a little can help, but even there – don’t stress!

2-3 weeks later, I’ll provide you images that will show you a kind of beauty that maybe you didn’t even know that was there.



What To Expect